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Hello Fellow Seeker...

I have created this website to offer you an alternative view to the mainstream. Put simply the media is owned by the same people who profit from wars, pandemics, climate change and whatever other crisis they throw at us.
They all have conflict of interest and I do not, nor do all the people featured in the videos explaining what is really going on.
In the end it is your decision to believe what you want. Here are just a few of the lies that we 100% know mainstream media and government have spun on us as a truth at one time to gain control over us.
Weapons of mass destruction, partygate, Ukraine coup 2014, PPE contracts, Johnson misleading parliament, Johnson giving his mates peerages, vaccines would prevent transmission and catching covid, 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into up to 2 years lockdowns, 100% safe and effective, vaccine death and injury not talked about, only the vaccinated can travel, rising Immigration numbers, Brexit 350 million a week for the NHS - Austerity for 10 years (but only for the poor) the MPs were helping themselves to lavish expenses
etc etc etc
if after reading the above paragraph you still think the government and media are being straight with you then you may as well leave this site now.
The government are all puppets working for their masters and not the people. The same people who own all the main MP’s own the media. Follow the money to find out for yourself.

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