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15 Minute Cities

15 minute cities or should I say 15 minute ghettos are disguised as low emission zones. Where all of your main needs will be reachable within 15 minutes. You will be monitored if you leave your zone, then fined and imprisoned if you flout THEIR rules. They say it is to save the planet from climate change. I say it’s a removal of our freedoms and choices - a dystopian goal delivered to us in a fancy wrapper.

I stand for freedom of choice, especially when this message is delivered by multi-millionaires and billionaires with beach front property’s and travel by private jet all around the world in between their motor cascades and expensive yachts.

15 Minute Cities: About

15 Minute Cities

Do NOT Trust Your Government: A Wake-Up Call from MEP Christine Anderson

"This whole COVID madness, it was really just a test balloon — a test balloon to see how far they could go," concluded


. "And the lesson they wanted to learn from this was to find out what needed to be done to get free individuals in free and democratic societies to actually consent to being forced into compliance." "And the next thing we will see is the establishment of so-called 15-minute cities. I would, however, urge you not to call them 15-minute cities. They are 15 minute-ghettos," she warned. "It has nothing to do with this [convenience]. Nothing whatsoever. It's about control. It's about pretty much imprisoning people in their assigned area." "Take a good look at your government," MEP Anderson urged, "And do not assume for a single second just because they were 'democratically' elected, they will not inflict the worst atrocities on you. Do not believe that for one second. So, please stand up. Get up and fight already. Do it now." Hear from MEP Christine Anderson,




, and other prominent voices at the International COVID Summit:

15 Minute Cities: About

15 Minute Cities

Listen to this 12 year old girl expose the dystopian reality of 15-minute cities! ☝️☝️☝️

“How dare you steal my childhood and my future, and the future of all children, by enslaving us in your crazy digital surveillance prison.” @ourcommunityourchoice

Watch the FULL Oxford, UK protest on #CHDTV 

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15 Minute Cities: About
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