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What to call the majority who follow?

I awoke thinking about it. We had some issues with it yesterday, walking around Gloucester city centre and interacting with all the humans who sit at different points along the scale of human behaviours. How our new world looks now! There seems to me to be a very distinct and easy way to classify where people sit on this new scale, and that would be this:

You either believe in everything the government is saying about COVID19 and you follow their lead (the majority) or you don’t believe anything they are saying. You have looked deeper into all of it, off your own back, and have come to the conclusion that it’s all rotten to the core (small minority).

There is of course the number that sit in between. The ones that are not buying all of it, or understanding it all, but will go along with the herd and the government’s wishes just for an easier life.

What a mess right there. And if you sit in the minority that believe that COVID19 is the biggest hoax the world has ever seen how do you navigate in this new world that is unraveling at supersonic speed? I am in that minority.

For me, it is fairly obvious that something is seriously amok and that a complete re-evaluation of everything that is happening is seriously needed. The fact that every new measure is being rushed through without any consultation, or ANY opposition, is precisely the reason that has raised my suspicions the most. But let’s take a look at a few more.

1. The herd is generally wrong. And when a mob is acting ‘mobish’ it means they are using their reptilian brain and not their pre-frontal cortex. This blocks them from doing any decent critical thinking. And boy oh boy are we seeing reams of this behaviour

2. The government has changed its mind more times than a weather vane on a windy day

3. The forecasts for fatalities that started the removal of our freedoms were massively wrong. Massively

4. The science around COVID19 is weak, one-sided and rammed down our throats as truth (even though it changes when it feels like it)

5. The statistics for deaths are massively suspect. Reels of evidence plus mountains of credible testimonies have revealed that death figures have been manipulated to fulfill a singular narrative

6. When you look at how there is total inconsistency across different sectors in how this ‘pandemic’ is being handled it makes no sense. When you look at it from a different agenda it makes perfect sense.

7. The fact that $10 trillion plus is being printed around the world and yet care homes and the NHS which see the vast majority of COVID19 ‘deaths’ have not received ‘any real money’. This demonstrates, unequivocally, that their rhetoric of saying they are doing all this to save lives and protect people is an absolute lie

I could go on but that’s enough for now. Okay, one more:

The fact that they wheel out ‘Megladonium’ careerists in search of legacy, who stand behind podiums spouting unbelievable fairy tales, with a straight face, is what really helps shape my thinking.

And that is this:

Even though I am in the minority, the weight of the list I’ve just mentioned makes me feel that I am more closely aligned with the truth, than they are. At the very least, I’d like a giant stop sign to be deposited into the centre of the planet while we at least discuss the merits of what they are doing and the carnage it is causing.

But what is blocking that discussion? The government, as long it has majority backing will plough on as they see fit. The fact that they have engineered the majority backing with professor ‘moriaty-ish’ maniplulation of the media and institutions (or is it the other way round) is beside the point. They have it, and now all of us in the minority are fucked, on so many levels, and we really have our work cut out. (I’ve just started an unwanted career in calling all this out).

And because I have taken it upon myself to help turn this juggernaut around and for the pre-frontal cortex to be re-ignited once again, en masse, I am left with a mountain of emotions that others don’t want to examine in themselves.

And now back to the beginning where I said we had some issues as a family while walking around Gloucester. I was getting angry with all the signs everywhere telling me how to walk and where to stand and with all the mask-wearers giving me scolding looks for not wearing one. Then there were the humans who were smoking with one round their chin, or one around the neck as they stuffed food in their mouths. My anger was rising exponentially and my pre-frontal cortex was shutting down and my reptilian brain was taking over.

I just started calling everyone who didn’t fit into my worldview stupid. Not to their face of course and they would have never known what I was saying, but all my family heard it, including my 2 impressionable boys aged 8 and 12. I knew the way I was expressing myself was grossly unfair and quite out of order but I carried on regardless. My reptilian brain had a firm grip of the joy-stick. It was my 12 year old who was a lot calmer than I, who pulled me up about my language and said

‘dad they are not stupid they are just uneducated’

He was right and I told him so. I admitted that stupid is a horrible word and I don’t like using it, and certainly don’t normally. I just did it for that bit of the morning.

The next morning I woke up after thinking it all through. I was unhappy with the term uneducated that my eldest son had coined to describe people who I thought were in the wrong. Uneducated to me felt like people in a disadvantaged area who, pre-internet, had no access to books, school or any education. Apart from what they picked up on the street and in family life they were unable to have a full education. But we are all living in age of the smart phone and the internet. We all have access to the world’s information, for close to free, and it’s right there in our pocket. All my thoughts are backed up with theories and evidence that I found on the internet. And everybody has access to this so why don’t they indulge themselves?

I decided to start my wife’s day by putting forward to her my thoughts. The conversation that followed may or may not have happened exactly as transcribed. I realise it breaks into full mansplaining mode.

D - I’m not happy with us calling people who refuse to educate themselves ‘uneducated’.

R - Well they only refuse because they don’t feel that they have to, or should have to look at this information. They trust their government. They also have been conditioned everywhere they go to think a certain way. A more subservient way. They have been dis empowered all their lives.

D - Good points, but what about even when that forces other people to behave in ways that they don’t want to? Doesn’t that seriously infringe on my rights?

R - Yes it does, but its not nice to call people stupid or call them ‘refuse to be educated’ instead of uneducated

D - But by calling them uneducated we are almost implying that they don’t have access to all the same information that I have, when they do – I don’t like that term – plus I want to find a term that will poke them enough to feel uncomfortable but not so ’out there’ as to be downright insulting. Is that fair enough?

R - How about calling them the ’uncomfortables’, or the ‘planted’.

D - I like that – see that’s why I came to you with this – I’m having a hard time with this myself – I’d like to come up with a term like the occupy movement did when they used the term ‘the 1%’ – I want people to see that it is not acceptable to blindly go along with the government which then has a very deep and direct affect on me and my freedoms – I want to tell them that it is unacceptable for them to just stick their head in the sand and let the government get away with whatever they like and so I want to find that term

R - What about ‘blinkered’ or ‘avoiders’

D - Or ‘status quoians’ – they really are not bothered looking at anything that will rock the boat!

R - Or how about the ‘conditioned’

D - Yes It’s good, but it’s too cutesy. When they call us conspiracy theorists, we just laugh it off because we have a hell of a lot of evidence on our side. And likewise, when we call them sheeple they just dismiss us as crazies. I want to find a term that is close to being accurate, not too insulting, but may provoke them enough to want to challenge why we would call them that. Sheeple just feels like name calling

Big pause.

D - To me I want to get the point across that their refusal to engage on multiple levels is costing all of us, everywhere our freedoms. That it is no longer acceptable to carry on as they did before. If there is any truth to what I’m saying and we are able to turn this juggernaut around we are going to need lots of numbers to achieve it. We are going to have to help steer many of them towards critical thinking. There needs to be a disturbance in their current pattern of thinking.

R - Why couldn’t have I just picked a man who was the strong and silent type.

We both smiled.

D - I’ve got it. What do you think?

The refusers.

R - Okay go on

D - Well they do don’t they. They just refuse everything. They refuse to go and educate themselves by looking at all the evidence which is available to them

They refuse to get engaged with different viewpoints and instead reside with the comfort of the majority.

They also refuse to come out of their comfort zone and stretch themselves.

But most importantly, they refuse to go and look behind the curtain, for fear of what they might find. Staying where they are doesn’t challenge their worldview and is more easy to cope with emotionally.

In fairness to them I think they have handed all control of the big issues over to the government because for a range of reasons like time, money and energy they just haven’t got the head space to deal with it. And maybe in generations past when such cataclysmic things weren’t happening as now, or our governments and institutions could be trusted more, then fair enough. But we have slipped into far darker times now. Corruption throughout the world is rife with the rise and domination of ‘crooked capitalism’ now. We have multiple pressing problems which require more interaction between all people, not just leaving it to a few. I believe our governments have gone full blown rogue now. Trying to shape and dominate their own people’s lives in ways we haven’t see for a very long time, or ever before on this scale. So, for people to stay so dis empowered and trusting is simply not an acceptable strategy anymore. They are going to have to be pushed out of their comfort zones and join us where it is uncomfortable to look at such things.

Look. I did not want this thing in my life and I did not want to get embroiled in name calling anybody anything, but the way I see it is this… if things stay the way they are and the majority acquiesce all their power because of their refusal to do anything – then we all suffer because of that and I am not prepared to just let that happen – I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and calling it as I see it. I know I am going to be hated for it but I am going to do it anyway. I see enough articulate caring, compassionate people out there who feel the same way as I do.

It’s time for us all to ante up and I know we can do this.

I know we can do this in impassioned, non-violent and non-aggressive ways. I also know that calling people stupid or zombies is quite aggressive and is just going to get their defence mechanisms activated. It’s also not going to work. We need to find a better way. But one that doesn’t let them off the hook anymore.

And that’s why I think calling them ‘the refusers’ could be the one.

When we call them a ‘refuser’ we are actively telling them they are not pulling their weight. That we want more from them. All we ask is that they go outside of government orders or mainstream media for 10 hours or more personal research. If they still have the same views then fair enough. At least we would have had debate – at the moment there is none. They just re-regurgitate the daily downloaded message and if you challenge them further, they always make their excuses and leave the debate.

what do you think?

R - I think you are a narni-brain – but I recognise that a shift has to occur for us to turn this thing around. I can see that letting them off the hook is dangerous but name calling or being abusive is not something I would do. Why don’t you write this in an article and put it out there and see what others think?

Alright then.

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